Miss Marquez has spent her life training in classical ballet from a very early age, and has been performing as a professional dancer since high school.

It was, however, Miss Marquez‘s natural affinity for the classic vaudevillian era of entertainment where she found her passion in the art of Burlesque. She is fond of stating…

In Burlesque I have found an artistic liberation that I had not felt before in my professional career… for me Burlesque allows the artist to be creative, unique, and forces her to proactively engage the audience with every tantalizing move.”

Miss Marquez has a nostalgic appreciation for the burlesque performers, Hollywood starlets, and cultural sex symbols who pioneered the way to allow Burlesque to become a growing and more mainstream form of entertainment.

Since 2012 Miss Marquez has enjoyed bringing her tantalizing antics as a solo burlesque performer to some of the nations most illustrious venues including Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Club, Houston Hospitality’s No Vacancy and Harvard and Stone, Harvelle’s Jazz and Blues Club est. 1931, and Cliftons Cafeteria.

Taking Burlesque to a “Higher” Level:

With its origin during the Victorian Era, Burlesque was a term used to describe literary, dramatic or musical work that caused laughter by using caricature, parody, or ludicrous treatment of their subjects. When Burlesque was popularized in the United States between the 1860s and the 1940s the genre still kept those aspects through bawdy comedy and female striptease.

Miss Marquez considers burlesque the perfect platform to address the social and political issues revolving around Marijuana. By bringing Marijuana onto the Burlesque Stage as her Cannabis Friendly Persona CannaMiss Marquez, she hopes to lessen stigmatization and challenge the audience to re-evaluate their opinion about Cannabis. By being the first to pair traditional Burlesque with Cannabis Culture, Miss Marquez plans to shake up both the Marijuana and Burlesque scenes.


"Hardest-Working Woman in Burlesque..." - LA WEEKLY

“Hardest-Working Woman in Burlesque,” the divine Miss Marquez, morphed into CannaMiss Marquez, a superheroine if the art of the tease, with a marijuana-inspired costume of her own design.”


"Ms. Marquez embodies burlesque organically..." Ivan Kane

Miss Marquez embodies burlesque organically. Incredibly intuitive, technical & beyond sexy, Ms. Marquez understands the art form … the character of a burlesque queen, the subtlety & sense of humor, the sensuality, the tease, the reveal, the openness & the coyness.

Accolades cannot be overstated, for Alyssa Marquez is burlesque in a very real way, the living embodiment of the burlesque queen G.I.’s dreamed of coming home to, the girl women who watch her perform want to be, the girl men who watch her perform want to be with…

-Ivan Kane, Owner and Creator Forty Deuce Burlesque

"The Miss Marquez experience will leave you on the edge of your seat..." Miss Dakota

“The Miss Marquez experience will leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more & the more you watch the more you will want. An inspiration and muse, you will desire to be with her or to want to be like her…”

- Miss Dakota, international acclaimed Burlesque artist and partner of Dollhouse Entertainment

"She's a Baaaad..." Toledo Diamond

“She’s a Baaaad Motha Fucka’!”

-Toledo Diamond, Producer of the Toledo Show

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